Traditional building in the heart of Hamburg

Located in the heart of Hamburg, the Kaufmannshaus is a shining example of the city's classically designed and architecturally remarkable historic merchants’ houses. It stands at the core of the new Passagenviertel business improvement district (BID), which encompasses Große Bleichen, Poststraße and Bleichenbrücke, and within close proximity to various other BIDs such as Neuer Wall, Hohe Bleichen, Dammtorboulevard and Nikolaiquartier. The Kaufmannshaus building is well served by the city's public transportation network, specifically the subway and rapid-transit systems, bus routes and the new number 4 subway line to the airport. Located on the opposite side of the road is a parking garage with capacity for 830 vehicles.

The “Kontorhaus” style of office building has been a traditional feature of Hamburg’s business infrastructure since the start of the twentieth century. These imposing and often richly decorated buildings continue to dominate the cityscape, even at premier locations. The Hanseatic city is currently rediscovering its tradition as a booming center of commerce: like no other city in the country, Germany's “gateway to the world” is capitalizing on the upturn in international business. Hamburg is well on track to become Europe's number-one transshipment hub. Arguably the most impressive edifice of its kind, the Kaufmannshaus stands in the handsome central district of the rich trading city and almost merits a trip to Hamburg for its own sake.

Amsterdam's “gracht” canals have an equivalent in Hamburg: the “Fleeten”. The Kaufmannshaus directly adjoins one of the city’s few such waterways, which were once vital transport arteries. Light-filled and sheltered from the rain, the mall provides a spacious environment, harmonious architecture and international flair for the resident shops, restaurants, cafes and bars. Under the fascination of the building, visitors are invited to linger and delight in the vibrant tableau and captivating ambience of the Wilhelminian architecture. This is where Hamburg's businesspeople meet for lunch, cafe refreshments or a drink in one of the bars while a stylish clientele visits the city's premier retail establishments.

Building details

Plan depth: Approx. 6.00 - 24.00 m
Clear ceiling height: Approx. 2.80 m, 3.30 - 3.85 m
Planning grid: Approx. 1.25 m
Floor load capacity: 275 kg/sqm

Outfitting details

Facade: Historic masonry facade with bright, glazed clinker bricks and glass facade units
Reception area: Prestigious lobby with reception service
Windows: Opening windows
Ceilings: Suspended gypsum board ceiling
Air-conditioning: Heating and cooling by means of induction units/2 air changes per hour
Lighting: Lighting system with direct and indirect light emission
Cabling: Predetermined floor box grid, CAT 7 cabling
Partitions: Flexible gypsum board stud partitions, glass fins
Access control/security: 12-hour security service, fully electronic fire-alarm system, full sprinkler protection

For a larger view please download the exposé PDF file.